Jan 29, 2016 09:29 AM EST

Career Advice: 5 Career Tips You Need to Ignore


You have probably head or received some advice with regard to your career life. While most of these advices help you in your career life, you should know that there are certain types of advices that you need to ignore.

These are five examples of career tips that you need to ignore.

Asking for a promotion. 

Everyone wants to be promoted. Everyone will do their best to get a promotion. However, it is not true that you won't get such a promotion unless you ask for it. PeopleNRG.com Managing Partner Lawrence Polsky says that it is not right to ask for a promotion "even at your annual review." It is better to prove to them through your performance and actions that you deserve a promotion.

"Learn the business inside and out, generate team results that your boss can't ignore and create the most positive, supportive, entrepreneurial spirit in the company. Then, when there is a need for a new leader, you will be asked. If you want to be promoted into a leadership role, and you think this advice is not realistic, then go get a new job in a new company where it is," Polsky said.

Keeping your resume brief.

Michael Morgenstern, head of hiring at the Expert Institute, said that it is not right to keep your resume brief because it reflects all your skills, achievements, and experience, and others. He further said that one's resume should instead be tailored to the kind of job you are applying for, and each "job description should emphasize the talents that you have developed and will bring to the proposed role."

A good resume means greater chances to get hired.

Sending a post-interview thank-you note. 

Career coach Bettina Seidman says a thank-you note is not positive at all. While it is okay to send a note after an interview, it is not advisable to make it a thank-you note. Seidman advises that if you must send a note then write something that would further convince them to hire you.

Following your passion. 

As some would say, follow your heart - your passion. However, we should always put in mind that following our passion doesn't always pay the bills. Heidi Nazarudin, a style-and-success blogger, believes that this advice is the most erroneous one as "sometimes these passions are just not viable as a source of income." Instead, he encourages everyone to think what he or she would like to achieve in life and work a career that would help him or her achieve that.

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