Feb 03, 2016 08:06 PM EST

Gadgets Successful People Can't Live Without

In today's world fuelled by technology advancements and thousands of gadgets to choose from, it is very important that we know which ones to have and which ones are useful in our careers and in our own successes. There are other handy items that successful people need to help boost their productivity. Here are three gadgets for starters: 

Digital Pen

With a digital pen, you no longer have to bring a notebook and a pen all the time wherever you go. With this gadget, you can take down notes on you tab or on your phone. What is even more interesting is that there are digital pens that allow you to sync the notes as a text file. "Who knows what people are doing back there? It's a lot
more human with a pen. I haven't given up anything. It's got all the flexibility of native digital media, coming from this intrinsically human thing," Robert Smith, technology services director at the office of the registrar at Stanford University in Palo Alto, said.

Phone Charging Case 

Power banks are sometimes bulky. Bringing chargers around is somehow a hassle. Good thing, there is such a thing now called the phone- charging cases. With this gadget, you have a charger and a protective case in one. Plus, you can have a lot of options with regard to style, color, capability, power source, and more. The more complicate the features, the more expensive they become.

Personal Hotspot 

Wi-Fi has become a necessity for most people, especially for those who are always checking the mail even on the go. While it is true that most smartphones nowadays are equipped with a hotspot feature, it is also true that this feature can drain the battery quickly. Good thing the pocket wifi was invented. With this gadget, you can connect your phone, laptop and other wifi-enabled devices and go online. 

Choosing the right kind of gadgets can help boost your success. Buying unnecessary ones are just an added cost. Plus, they only add to the clutter you already have. Don't buy gadgets for the sake of keeping up with the advancements in technology. Buy them because you actually need them. 

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