Feb 04, 2016 07:10 AM EST

Thinking Of Working Abroad? Here Are Top 5 Destinations For Expats

Some people yearn for traveling somewhere exotic or new. To start fresh and live in a new place is something expats do. If you're thinking of working abroad, there are 5 top destinations expats go to.

In a survey from HSBC, it has been found that European countries like Sweden, Switzerland and Germany are the top 3 destinations for people that relocate for career growth. Out of 21,950 respondents, these are the top three countries that were known best for fostering career growth when it comes to work-life balance, income and job security.

Switzerland. The country is known for Zurich and Geneva but it's also known for expats that relocated due to high compensation and stable job security.

Sweden. Expats living in Sweden didn't only move for the country's chocolate. The country boasts of its comfortable work and life balance. In the survey, 72% of the expacts have enjoyed living in Sweden.

Germany. The income is high in this country's work culture with expats earning over $90,000 annually. 

Russia. Russia isn't only flexible when it comes to its ballerinas. It is also a popular destination for career development where 62% of expats recommend the country to acquire new skills and work fulfillment.

Singapore. This was the only Asian country to make the top 5 list and expats agree that this is one of the best places that has better earning prospects.

These are only five out of the many countries available for relocation and work around the world but majority of surveyed expats agree that earnings, livability, career growth and job security are the major factors they consider when working abroad.

Unless you're only doing it for the strudel and the views of the Alps, then you may want to consider these five destinations. Just remember to plan carefully and map out what your five to ten year goal plans are.

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