Feb 04, 2016 06:36 PM EST

Control Your Sugar Intake A Day And Increase Your Productivity


Controlling your sugar intake a day has a lot to do with being active and elevated glucose levels in your body will adversely affect your productivity.

As an employee, you can't afford to be sluggish because your boss might notice you. If your sluggishness appears to be not just a single occurrence but is more of a constant thing, then beware. One of these days, he may show you the door.

So, if you find that your energy is not up almost every day, examine your diet. Is your diet composed of too many sweets? Or are you always craving for the next chocolate dessert?

There's nothing wrong with these foods, so long as you control your desire for them and eat them sparingly. Too much sugar intake a day will definitely make you sluggish and sleepy, which is not good if you're at work.

The best way to control the tendency of eating sugary foods is to carefully choose what you will eat for each meal. If your company allows its employees to bring and eat their lunch in the office, you are lucky.

Then you can prepare your lunch at home. Choose energy giving foods and less sugary and starchy items and you will do great until knock off time.

But if your employer prohibits eating inside office premises, then you need to discipline yourself and order food items from the restaurant or the company canteen that contains less suger.

This would be difficult at the start, especially if your co-employees are wont to order sweets after lunch.

But stick to your guns because the results will astound you and your boss. You will be able to focus your attention to the job at hand, will not feel sleepy as the clock grinds slowly in the afternoon, and feel strong even when it is time to go home.

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