Feb 09, 2016 11:12 AM EST

Spotify Makes A Different Approach That Has Nothing To Do With Music

Over the last year, Spotify had been recognized for its sets of ultimate personalized playlist found in "Discover Weekly".

The playlist which is updated every Monday morning, delivers to the listener new collection of songs based on the user's preference. And has received an overwhelming praise allowing the people to look forward to their Mondays.

Spotify is now taking what it has achieved from the playlist, and focus it more than to just music.

Located on Spotify's mobile app are a list of video clips found under "Shows" in the "Browse" menu. Users would not only stream music, but also switch on video and able to stream channels from the likes of ESPN, Comedy Central, BBC and The Daily Show, a transition that has been announced earlier this month back in May 2015.

In addition, more audio podcasts from Nerdist, Replay All and HowStuffWorks.com are now being streamed into Spotify with the appearance of the latest Drake and Adele singles.

Watching a comedy sketch like "Key and Peele" or TED talk may seem a bit odd on Spotify, that is why they are delivering the video and podcast experience the same way they did with Discover Weekly to its 75 million users, allowing each user to separately experience it based upon their customization.

"We're a daily companion for music fans, that shift has not changed. That said, music fans increasingly want more than just audio in various moments. We're following that need. We're not too sure yet exactly what that means," Shiva Rajaraman said to Techinsider, in a recent interview with the vice president of Spotify. 

During a New York media event, from the last eight months when Spotify declared that video and podcasts would soon be launched to its app, Rajaraman mentioned that the team has been testing the work content of the app with caution, while quietly taking user's survey.

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