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Preparing For Your Future Job Search

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Don't be too sure that you'll stay in your job as long as you like. Perhaps you thought you have finally found your niche and you don't need to do any job search anymore.

With the volatility of the marketplace today, this is a dangerous concept to entertain. No matter how unlikely it is that you will be conked out of your present job, it is better to be preparing for job search while you are working. It is not thinking negatively, but only looking at the real world as what it really is.

So, here are some easy ways of preparing for job search even if you're absolutely happy with your job right now.

1. Always update your resume.

Most job seekers heave a sigh of relief once they finally capture a job. They then file their resume in the vault and forget it altogether. The only time when they take a look at it is when they feel that their job is being threatened.

Don't commit this mistake. Always review your resume, add whatever additional education and training you receive from a seminar, a conference and so forth. File your additional certificates for they are your proof that you have been improving yourself.

2. Set-up and maintain an online presence

Most job search and application done today are accomplished through the internet. Going online with your personal and professional information is the fastest and easiest way to get in contact with future employers.

It would be good to create accounts in the most used social media networks. You can use them for establishing and increasing your social contacts and also for future job search. The most popular among social networking sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a few others.

Your social media accounts can be accessed by the most popular internet search engines. There is a possibility that your next employer will find you in one of these social networking sites.

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