Feb 12, 2016 10:25 PM EST

Google Stops Serving Flash Ads By 2017, AdWords And DoubleClick Affected


Google announced earlier this week that on June 30, display ads built in Flash will no longer be uploaded to DoubleClick and Adwords. Google will stop serving Flash Ads by 2017.

Google has released information that the effectivity of this news will be on January 2, 2017.

Flash (not the super hero) is reportedly dying - and fast. Be that as it may, there is one small glimmer - video ads that use Flash will still be working.

The news have already spread months ago that Flash is soon going into retirement and Google's announcement shows that this is the latest symptom which indicates the inevitable end of the software. Users may be sad about it but tech experts and analysts have indicated that it's about time. The technology is old and it has to go away. The first sign of its demise started when the software has not gained presence and use on mobile technoogy which means its legacy stops at PCs and desk devices.

Adobe tried to revive it's lifespan by renaming it as Adobe Animate CC last Fall but it was a short-lived attempt.

The biggest chunk on the net keeping it alive are the advertisers still using it to display ads which makes Google its lead ad platform - until Google decided to help kill Flash.

Currently, you don't need Flash to play YouTube videos which forces advertisers to use HTML5 for their ads. While this come as a sad news for those who have dutifully followed Flash since its development in the computer world, users still welcome change as technology continues to involve. It is not yet clear if Flash will ultimately be zeroed out in the technology and internet equation but one thing is certain - it is slowly slipping into its deep sleep.

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