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Want A Job Abroad? Here Are Resume Tips In Finding A Job Abroad

Most of us, if not all, would want to land a job that would help build their career. We all want to become successful, and so we strive to search for opportunities that would contribute to our personal growth. This could be one of the reasons why people search for jobs abroad. If you are one of these people, then you must know that you have to take on a different approach, including how to present your resume.

The following are some of the things your recruiter would want to see on your resume.

Career Objective

What is your ultimate goal, career wise? This part of your international resume should highlight what you are seeking for in a job. This should serve as your guide for the rest of the things that would come out in your resume.


Both local and international resumes can make use of your education field. This is where they can have a glimpse of your knowledge in a given field. In this section, also mention remarkable projects, internships, trainings, and other things that would also reflect knowledge in other fields. If you had an experience in studying abroad or learning a foreign language, this is where you can place it.

Work Experience

Listing several work experience in different fields can land you a job abroad. Global employers tend to look for past experiences that they can use - or you can contribute - in the growth of their company. "The best way to sell your skills is by stating some examples to demonstrate your achievements in a particular project, volunteering, or significant contribution in your previous role, for instance, 'You crossed the sales figure by 640% of your annual target in your previous job,'" Business2Community states.

If you are a fresh graduate, do note that recruiters prefer those who have at least some work experience in their college years. Thus, if you had some sideline jobs or project-based work while in college, mention it. It doesn't matter what kind of job it is. This would give recruiters the thought that you are independent and a self-starter.

These are three of the most important sections you can put in your international resume. You can also put in some personal and professional traits.

Also note that the length of your resume matters as well as the way it is presented. There are certain resume fonts that you can use to make your resume look professional.

Keep these things in mind when writing your resume with the goal of landing a job abroad. For more resume tips, check out our resume center.

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