Feb 19, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Is There A Need For You To Create Company Policies?

This is a dangerous and yet a funny world. For the work allegedly done by terrorists in blowing up the Twin Towers in 2001, all of us who need to board an airplane are now required to take off our shoes and our belts at the airport for security reasons.

By the misdemeanor of a few, the whole world suffers. This is why you must first consider whether you need to create certain company policies. In implementing a policy that only reflects the situation of a few, it is most likely that it will cause everybody to suffer the consequences.

Sure, company policies are necessary to ensure a secure, convivial, non-discriminatory and organized workplace. But there is no need to write a policy for exceptional reasons or situations which are contrary to accepted behavior.

Company policies are for the many employees, not for the few exceptions. That is why there is no need to create company policies for every contingency. It will only result in a rigid workplace atmosphere where there would be very little flexibility in managing and addressing each and every employee needs.

But don't be mistaken. Company policies are really necessary for the following reasons:

  • To give employee guidance regarding the most appropriate ways of handling different situations such as purchasing, travel expenses, standards of conduct and so forth.
  • To set the standards in behavior such as dress codes, taking of personal calls during office hours, and the like
  • To help the company and its employees to comply with the laws of the land and government policies.
  • To set good work standards, rules and regulations, safety matters and so forth.
  • To delineate disciplinary measures for any infraction of company rules and regulations.
  • To set the standards of how the company will treat the employee with regards to rewards, benefits, all kinds of leaves including vacation, sick, maternity, back-to-school leaves.

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