Feb 19, 2016 07:35 AM EST

Apple Explains What The “i” In iPhone’s Handset Stands For

Ever since the iMac was debuted in 1998, the small letter has carried out as part of Apple's product line and marked the starting point of modern computers. Despite the fact that Apple seems to be slipping away from its traditional name. It is uncertain whether the letters has a huge significance to the world, yet not everyone is certain what its meaning holds.

One of the defining features of iPhone is the beginning of the letter "i", and it could only be refer to as "internet", although speculation differs on how the letter ended up there could slightly be beyond that.

During the period where the first iMac was being introduced in a convention, Steve Jobs said, that the number one reason why consumers apply themselves with the use of computers, is because of the internet. It was initiated just in time where the internet was catching on and became the central point in the advertisement of computers.

Steve Jobs said, "Even though this is a full-blooded Macintosh, we are targeting this for the number one use that consumers tell us they want a computer for, which is to get on the Internet simply, and fast," he also said, "And that is what this product is targeted for."

The meaning of the "i" has gone further than that where Mr. Jobs explained, it could also mean, individual, instruct, inform, inspire.

In addition he said, "'i" also means some other things to us, we are a personal computer company, and although this product is born to network, it also is a beautiful stand-alone product.  We are targeting it also for education.  They want to buy these.  And it is perfect for most of the things they do in instruction."

Apple then carried on branding most of its products with the small letter, such as iTools covering the software, and iPod covering the hardware. And the letter gradually found its place naming the iPhone, where the product gave a similar impact as the iMac to Apple.

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