Feb 22, 2016 08:03 AM EST

How To Make Sure You Progress In Your Career

By R S Ali

A career is a long journey and everyone knows success doesn't come overnight and planning effectively can help as well as can having a clear end goal. If you want to make your way up the career ladder, here are a few things according to Reed.co.uk that can make sure you don't get trapped in that place forever.

1. Accountability is everything

This isn't just about taking responsibility of the negative consequences of your actions. When you do something good, take credit for that, too. It will show your superiors what your skills and accomplishments are.

Face up to your actions - both the successes and the failures.

A professional and mature person knows how to take credit without going over the top, getting a big head or boasting (or worse, gloating). But it is definitely harder t take responsibility for your bad decisions - which is why it can pay off well for your career to be a confident yet down to earth person at work.  

2. Work for it

A lot of people want progression but sit around and wait for it to come to them. Be a go getter - go and get those extra things done that will eventually make you stand out from the hundreds employees out there. The job market, after all, is a competitive one.

Don't be afraid to show your passion and enthusiasm. But mostly, don't hesitate to put in that extra effort. A pro-active person is almost always the person who gets the promotion. Stay late, work outside of your hours - within limits and with balance, of course. But remember the key: struggling. Working for it. Upping your game.

3. Don't play dirty

It will usually be very tempting to use office politics to get ahead. You might think this is a great shortcut; that success at work is all about manipulating situations to your end. But be warned: there are no shortcuts in success. The only people who ever get the fruit of enduring success are those who work hard for a long time. You are only hurting your own image, and coming across as self absorbed, something no one wants from a future leader.

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