Feb 23, 2016 09:13 AM EST

Three Reasons Why The Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Better Than The Iphone 6s

By R S Ali

Ever since Samsung announced its hyped up new Galaxy S7 at MWC, there has been much talk about its markedly better features, especially in comparison to the iPhone 6, Apple's last iPhone. Here are three reasons why Mac World thinks the Samsung Galaxy S7 is better.

1.Samsung has a much better battery.

To be fair, the batteries have not undergone its rigorous lab tests, MacWorld reports. But the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 3000mAh battery unit. In fact, the edge model has an even better one at 3600mAh.

In comparison, the iPhone 6s has a battery with a mere capacity of 1715mAh. The iPhone 6s Plus may be much better, but at 2750mAh it is still very far from our new favorite the S7.

While both features have power-saving modes, and Apple's products can be expected to do better in real life given that Apple make both its own hardware and software, the numbers are still substantially far apart.

2. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is also waterproof.

This is welcome news after customers' disappointment that the S6 was not waterproof. The S7 is rated at IP68.

IP is ingress protection, and isn't only specific to waterproofing features. It also includes sand, dirt and dust proofing. IP references protection against solid and liquid intrusions respectively - the first has a scale of 0 - 6 and the second from 0 - 8.

This makes the S7 literally the highest rated IP device.

As for iPhone 6s, it unfortunately does not apply for IP certification for any of its products, so its waterproofing cannot be compared.

However, it is only fair to note that reviewers have seen that the Apple 6s, much like the Apple Watch, is more waterproof than Apple implied.

3. The S7 has a a Micro-SD card slot

This can be used to put in up to 200GB storage, while the iPhone 6s, in comparison, offers no storage card slots on any of its iPhones and never has.

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