Feb 24, 2016 11:52 AM EST

How Not To React To Favoritism At Work

By R S Ali

Favoritism at work can be hurtful and unpleasant. Here is how to handle it with grace and poise.

It is a well known fact that favoritism is something that can not usually be avoided. This does not mean that favoritism is justified - favoritism is an involuntary feeling that should not be shown. However, life isn't fair and sometimes your boss might be favorable to someone over you for no reason, and it has to be handled.

If your supervisor isn't professional enough to put her personal feelings aside, The Muse coaches suggest you deal with the situation by:

1. Behaving Normally

This one is going to be hard, but grit your teeth and do it because there is no other way. You may not be the favorite, but you might not be the least liked either. Rise above it. Be the better person.

2. Focus on Yourself

Try to improve in areas you think you can improve. Be a better worker, be a better person, and get feedback. Be humble. Even if this boss doesn't like you, a lot of other people will and chances are it might just end up being enough.

3. Try to rise up at work by playing fair

Instead of spending time thinking negative, focus on initiatives. Ask to be in on meetings. Go the extra mile. Put up ideas.

4. Ignore emotion

As hard as it may be, remind yourself that emotion has no place at work. They cloud your judgment and make you bitter. There's no rule that says the boss can't have two favorites.

5. Find a Mentor

This could be an ex-employee who knows how to get in the boss' good graces. Or an industry veteran who can guide you with their experience. Mentors might be able to relate in ways no one else can, and they can coach you to be better at work to avoid the feelings of neglect and inadequacy that being ignored at work is making you feel.

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