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4 Habits That Will Propel Your Career To The Top

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It is not enough to have a career goal in your head. Just thinking about it will not do you any good. Perhaps writing it down will make your goal crystal clear in your mind. But you have to do the most basic thing to move yourself up - develop the habit of being a person of ACTION.

Here are some of the habits that you need to develop to advance your career goal. Remember: to be a habit you must always practice them every day.

1. Think like an 'intrepreneur'

Start looking at your job as your gateway to your business. Instead of considering yourself as just an employee, view yourself as a contractor who is developing his portfolio. In order to get more business, you need to do quality work, at the fastest reasonable time.

2. Prioritize your work

In order to put first things first, you need to organize everything you are required to do every working day and then decide which should be done first and which should be on the tail end. After you have prioritized your work for the day, don't let anything cause you to veer away from your planned path. If there's an urgent task, do that quickly and then go back to your priority list.

3. Conquer your fears

Don't let your fears of the uncertain hold you back. If there is a task that you feel you are still not up to, then prepare yourself so that you'll have the courage to step forward when a similar task comes up again. The common lingo says: "Fake it until you make it."

4. Always follow Pareto's Rule in your career choices

The 80/20 rule is a phenomenon in this world. It always shows itself in business and in personal lives. You must not ignore it and follow it in every facet of your life. Your best production of 80 percent comes from only 20 percent of your real inner talents and skills. Another way of putting it is: only 20 percent of your efforts produce 80 percent of your results. So what is it that really makes you tick?

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