Feb 25, 2016 08:22 AM EST

Hidden Google Chrome Tricks You Didn't Know About - Part 2

By R S Ali

Google Chrome is full of hidden tricks and features. Here are some more hidden tricks (after the initial few we published) you will enjoy knowing about, and using - courtesy of PC Mag:

1.You can open tabs you accidentally closed

This has happened to all of us at some point of time or the other - one accidental click and our tab is gone. It can be annoying, not to mention a problem, but Google Chrome has the fix for that. Press Control-Shift-T (Command-Shift-T on a Mac) and Chrome will reopen for you any recently closed tabs. If you keep hitting the key combination, it will keep opening older and older tabs from your history!

2.You can download files directly to your desktop

Sometimes you need the downloads you have to come to a more accessible place than the Downloads folder it usually goes to. For that, in Google Chrome, go to Settings (chrome://settings/), scroll towards the bottom of the window and click Advanced Settings. Once there, go down to Downloads. There you can choose where your downloads will go. Also, you can have Google Chrome ask you where you want your download to go every time you download something. 

3.Shortcut to deleting all your browsing history in one go

All your browsing history, including past URLs, cached images, passwords and cookies will disappear if you go to Chrome's history and delete it manually, but there is a way to access that faster through the clear browsing window in Settings. Press Control-Shift-Delete and a "Clear browsing data" window will open. (shift-Command-Delete for this function on a Mac.)

4.You can drag links directly to the desktop

Who doesn't like a good shortcut? Instead of 'saving' a webpage and finding a path for it manually to save it as an icon on your desktop, simply highlight a URL from the omnibox and drag and drop it on your desktop. Chrome will automatically create a clickable icon that you can use later, or put into other folders or rename.

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