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Become A Plumber, Pursue A Plumbing Career: What You Need To Know

Being a plumber is a meaningful job. You might think that this career needs is a toolbox to fix pipes and leaks but plumbers generate important roles in building designs and infrastructures.

Fred Schilling, the founder and CEO of Pipeline Plumbing, has been in the South Florida plumbing trade for years.

He was interviewed when the spotlight shone on him for being a plumber. He started out as an apprentice for 7 years - which is a requirement to become a plumber. After his apprenticeship, he took a certification test. To note, he was the only one to receive a perfect score in Florida and at the age of 25 has become the youngest certified "Master Plumber" in the state. His successful career has garnered him a generous plumbing contractor business that is operational until now.

On the side, he also dedicates his occupation to a non-profit group as the Vice President. He has been serving Plumbers Without Borders, dedicated to improve sanitary and health conditions, around the world.

A stereotypical plumber most people see on TV is a man wearing a jumpsuit and fixing leaks under your sink. But this type of career is a skilled job and high paying at that. Which is why an apprenticeship and certification is required for one to become a plumber.

Did he ever consider becoming a plumber? He initially wanted to be a drummer but at the time, jobs were very limited when he joined the Air Force. He didn't have much to offer since he was colorblind. He was then offered a plumbing position and the rest is history.

When Schilling was asked what advice he would give to young starter-uppers who want to become a plumber? "I would recommend taking classes in Physics, Science and Math. Every day we use all three," he said. Remember that being a plumber is a 24/7 job that doesn't unclog sinks. Being a plumber makes sure buildings are dry and kept functioning.

"I don't care what you do as a career in your life as long as you become the best," is his philosophy. Schilling has been following his late father that line and has since then stuck to it.

He thinks that in the next 15 years society will need a master plumber who can bring a new building out of the ground. Become a plumber and be a master plumber.

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