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How To Write A Resume That Gets Jobs

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Your resume is your sales letter and the product is you. The one who will read your resume is your customer. You need to convince him that you are the best product to buy amidst all of those brochures (resumes) he has on his table.

If you will look at it this way, you will know why you need to really focus on what makes you stand out among the hundreds of job applicants targeting the same job.

You really need to put on the hat of a Human Resource Manager to be able to write a resume that get jobs. Here are the two most important things that HR managers look for in a resume.

1. Is this the right candidate?

You have to understand that HR managers don't want to hire the wrong candidate since that will make them look bad in the eyes of their employers. So, you if you can show him that you are the right candidate who will make him look good, then you're hired.

2. What differentiates him from the other candidates?

All cars seem to look the same, but there are nifty differences that make a car the best one in the lot. So are you. You may look the same as the other candidates, but you have something in there that no one else has. Therefore, focus on it and write it in a very concise but attractive manner and you'll get the job.

Now that you've learned what HR managers are looking for, there is another fundamental thing that you need to incorporate in your resume: glory details. This is better illustrated by an example:

a)    Bland resume: "I have 3 years of experience selling heavy machineries to the top manufacturing companies in the country.

b)   Killer resume: "In my 3 years as a sales rep, I was able to sell $22 million worth of machineries to Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp."

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