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Tips To Create A Killer LinkedIn Profile

Having a complete and attractive LinkedIn could help you land your dream job. Most professionals know that a LinkedIn profile is one's way of showing off his or her accomplishments, professional experience, skills, and more. It is a great way to sell yourself.

So, how do you make a killer LinkedIn profile? The following are some of the most effective tips:

1. Choose a catchy headline. Your headline is the first thing that other professionals will see. Thus, it is just fitting to have a catchy one. It is also important to note that you are to provide accurate data. Nothing more; nothing less.

2. Complete your details. Do not skip any part of your profile, especially those that are useful when attracting employers and other professionals. For instance, do not skip the part where you mention your industry or field. Also, it is helpful to provide a summary of yourself. When making one, be sure to use keywords that are related to your profession and skills. It will help rank your profile.

3. Make use of the features. Every now and then, LinkedIn publishes new features to help you gain more attraction. You can use the publish post feature. However, be careful in what you publish.

4. Use professional-looking photos and other media. This tip is actually self-explanatory.You don't want your "professional" profile to have a smirking and jumping shot of you (definitely not of you in a two-piece bikini or hugging your significant other).

5. Be interactive. Join groups that you think might help you. These groups, however, are featured on your profile. So be extra careful.

Other tips, as provided by Boston, include the following:

Make your LinkedIn profile your resume. Meaning to say, your LinkedIn profile serves as your online resume. Thus, be sure to remember tip number 2 above - complete the details. Do not leave any part of the profile empty or hanging.

Set goals in terms of connections. To broaden your scope, make it a habit to add a specific number of connections every week. It's up to you, but make sure you are adding important ones first.

Provide your contact information. If you don't want to publish your personal number, then maybe you can place your work-only phone number, your work email address, and more. However, be vigilant in terms of privacy too. You don't want scammers or hackers using your personal information or showing up at your doorsteps.

The most important tip of all is to keep your profile up to date. You don't want to provide old information to your possible employers. 

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