Mar 02, 2016 10:02 AM EST

New Mobile Phone Battery Charges Only in 5 Minutes

A battery charger that can charge a mobile phone 100 percent in just 5 minutes has recently been developed. This could end the plight of all smartphone users who have to wait hours before their phone batteries are fully charged.

StoreDot, the developer of the amazing battery charger, is banking on the company's proprietary technology and chargers to transform the charging landscape of smartphones and other mobile devices.

The power of this charger was demonstrated recently at the Mobile World Congress Show in Barcelona, Spain, and many said that it really works.

StoreDot showed the prowess of its battery charger by using a Samsung Galaxy S6 equipped with a modified battery and charging port. The mobile has only 10 percent charge and within 5 minutes and 25 seconds, it went up to 100 percent.

"The physics and the chemistry of what's happening inside the battery is new," said Doron Myersdorf, CEO and founder of the company. "It's a new generation of lithium ion batteries," he added.

Actually, in late 2014, a report came out in Singapore of a battery charger that can restore 70 percent of the battery's juices in just 20 minutes.

Singapore researchers connected with the Nanyang Technological University replaced the conventional graphite used as the anode or the negative pole in a lithium-ion batteriy with a new gel material made of titanium dioxide. The modification speeded up the chemical reactions inside the battery enabling 'super-fast' charging.

But that was only a prototype. The researchers said that it would take another two years before they can ensure its commercialization.There were no follow up reports about their invention as of late.

Fast chargers usually do it by increasing the current. But Myersdorf of StoreDot warns that by increasing the current to enable faster charging, the useful life of a battery would be effectively shortened. Myersdorf's chargers don't get warm while in use indicating that it doesn't increase the current that much.

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