Mar 02, 2016 11:12 AM EST

Xbox’s Announcement To Everything Microsoft At A Spring Showcase

Last week, Microsoft held an Xbox spring showcase presenting a bunch of new games to the press.

A hands on preview showed a complete video of the new game called Quantum Break, which is being set to make its exclusive release on April 5 coming on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Head of Xbox at Microsoft Phil Spencer stated that the company's move to gaming for Windows 10 is not considered a loss for Xbox One gaming console, but instead it opens the title to Remedy Entertainment's release of the upcoming Quantum Break, which he assured would run both Windows and Xbox, giving the gamer a full package experience.

Microsoft's strategy on a long term has been determined on the satisfactory of the consumer, or proving that they can handle challenges either by pleasing a multitude of audiences by introducing them to new titles all at the same time.

The company brought out its games at the spring showcase hoping that it would illustrate the industry's vision and attract consumers, by letting them know that the game could be an enjoyable experience and worth the time and money.

Taking a look at Quantum Break is a digital live action game compact of mini-series, where each character were created by actual actors through motion capture that brought life into Quantum Break.

A gamer's investment of a story game like this would be based on how much they could enjoy a determined appeal to Hollywood like quality depiction and sequential gameplay, due to the fact that it's more like a portrayal of a movie that was structured into a game instead of the other way around.

Quantum Break offers excellent gunplay, where the protagonist of the game Jack Joyce has the ability to stop the flow of time in slow motion while darting across the map and stopping bullets. The game lets a player operate in slick maneuver, while the character's superpower allows a gamer to enjoy a Max Payne like warp style by slowing down time to make precise shots.

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