Mar 02, 2016 11:57 AM EST

HTC’s Strange Sensation Of A Brave New Virtual World

Stepping in the latest hugely hyped tech reboot is somewhere one might imagine being swallowed by a 1960's television set, after long hours of staring into a textured screen gives this sort of sensational experience chaining a viewer to a wall, where reality has disappeared and only remains with pixilated images everywhere they looked.

HTC's success depended a lot on the Vive when it came to virtual reality reboot, but somehow skeptics felt unwelcomed to this brave new virtual world.

HTC's corporate VP and head of its Creative Labs team of product designers Drew Bamford, is a known member of the club of "VR is the future", although he remains cautious to any misfortune of HTC's business.

In recent years, the manufacturing company has been in constant competition to Android OEM space, and has been investing a partnership to VR with Valve's gaming publisher to restore its device into business.

The consumer electronic industry is widely in search for the next achievement of its top notch devices, where the smartphone market is reaching a point of saturation, considering a few other markets are starting to step in the VR world early.

So since the HTC Vive is arriving, it will proceed it's shipping to buyers by next month on April 5 at a price of $800, which they will also include a price of a PC that is needed to drive enough power to the VR experience.

HTC showed great support considering that it is one of the few companies that got involved with the VR arena. But seeing how smartphones are in the verge of a crowded and vicious space, VR is still probably an uncharted barren that has persuaded the relief in the management of HTC.

Bamford showed personal enthusiasm towards VR saying, "I come from a background in consumer electronics products, primarily design. And so I've worked on a lot of diverse products but since I got to HTC almost nine years ago I've worked almost exclusively on phones. So this is for me a little bit like getting back to my roots and working on different kinds of consumer experiences," and also added, "But for some of the team it's kind of a new thing, they were hired as phone people and now they're like learning about designing stuff you wear on your body or immersing people in VR."

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