Mar 07, 2016 08:46 AM EST

3 Jobs For A Computer Science Major That You Haven't Thought Of

By R S Ali

Graduates of computer science are numerous. You can pursue a wide range of careers from games developer to manager of IT and communications services, but have you thought of these 3 unusual careers as a computer science graduate?

Everyone thinks of the obvious careers for a computer graduate. There's games developer, Information systems manager, Multimedia programmer, Web designer and developer. But there are other careers, Prospects suggests - ones that are in demand and yet not many people think of getting into them.

1. Technical Author

Not many people would put together a computer science major with writing. Writing, it appears, is only for English majors - and major bookworms; but that is where people are wrong. Writing is a huge part of computers and IT, especially those manuals and instruction booklets you see - someone has to write them, after all. And a writer of technical material needs to have knowledge and expertise in his field as well.

To be a successful technical author you need to be good with words and of course have a good command of grammar.

A technical author helps communicate technical information about products and services to the layman, so you also need to be good at keeping it simple. Expect to write user guides for software applications, reference and instruction manuals for appliances, training guides or online help forum posts.

2. IT trainer

IT trainers are like educators, but with a much more specific role: the training of IT training programs - from designing them to delivering them. They work towards educating the public in information and communications technology (ICT).

IT trainers are experts in one of two things: IT professional skills (covering technical training like C#; process skills like project management or SAP etc) and user skills (common applications like MS Office and internet browsers).

3. Secondary school teacher

As the name suggests, a secondary school teacher teaches curriculum subjects to students of ages 11 to 18. As a teacher, you support and record the progress of your pupils.

A secondary school teacher must also keep updated with developments in his/her area of expertise, both in teaching methods as well as subject matter and technological advances.

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