Mar 08, 2016 08:16 AM EST

Microsoft Taking On Oracle: Ports SQL Server To Linux

Microsoft announced on Monday its plans to unveil a database software as a rival that works with its Windows operating system, a new business move that targets a market long directed by Oracle.

The new database product for Microsoft is assured to operate with Linux OS, Microsoft's latest move is considered to show an increase in desire to work with competing products, as well as an extensive change to its over protective company.

Since CEO Satya Nadella took over Microsoft in 2014, the company has become a hallmark to open strategy. Data management has shown critical importance where companies are making use to it by gaining more business establishments to its competitive edges in an era with exploding amounts of data.

Gartner analyst Merv Adrian explained that sales in database software could cost up to $30 billion, and continues to rise even though the cost in information technology is shown to be generally uninvolving.

Executive vice president for cloud and enterprise at Microsoft Scott Guthrie said, "If you look at the companies that are transforming and disrupting industries, it is often with data at the core, all of them are using data in a much richer way now to understand their customers."

He mentioned DocuSign, a well-established electronic company as a customer to SQL Server which also is the product database extending to Linux.

Adrian stated that the SQL Server of Microsoft ranks in number one position to Oracle, sharing a market percentage of 40% in database software with Linux.

In 2013, Microsoft pushed International Business Machines Corp from second place to third when they took 21.5% of the market.

When it came to Microsoft's own property where database software only worked with its own Windows OS, up until now it operates on Linux that has shown an important traction in coming years.

Adrian declared in regards to CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison by saying, "Larry's not going to lose any sleep, but yes, they'll notice it. It's a significant competitive threat they didn't have before."

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