Mar 11, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Top 10 US Highest Paying Jobs

As usual, medical doctors in the United States enjoy the highest median base salaries. These professional medical service providers are raking in an average of $180,000 per annum, according to Glassdoor, a job-searching website.

Lawyers came in second as the survey said they enjoy around $144,500 per year. Surprisingly, the poll indicated that pharmacy managers also made it to the top 5 highest income earners in the country.

They ranked fifth in the survey, with an average annual income of $130,000, a tad less than that of the fourth placer, Software and Development Managers which rake in a cool $132,000 a year.

To complete the list of the top 5 income earners in the U.S., the survey said Research and Development Managers occupy the fifth place at $142,120 per annum.

Glassdoor also gives all kinds of employees the chance to review their workplace to help them assess their career paths. The website has just released its list of the highest median salaries over a wide range of occupations.

Following is the list of the top 10 professional earners in the country as compiled by Glassdoor, along with their corresponding median base salaries:

1.    Physician: $180,000

2.    Lawyer: $144,500

3.    Research and Development Manager: $142,120

4.    Software Development Manager: $132,000

5.    Pharmacy Manager: $130,000

6.    Strategy Manager: $130,000

7.    Software Architect: $128,250

8.    Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer: $127,500

9.    IT Manager: $120,000

10. Solutions Architect: $120,000

But the Glassdoor list doesn't stop there. The website also enumerated the rest of the high-income earning professionals in the country. Here are the professions that bring up the 11th to the 20th rankings.

11. Engagement Manager: $120,000

12. Applications Development Manager: $120,000

13. Pharmacist: $118,000

14. Systems Architect: $116,920

15. Finance Manager: $115,000

16. Data Scientist: $115,000

17. Risk Manager: $115,000

18. Creative Director: $115,000

19. Actuary: $115,000

20. Data Architect: $113,000

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