Mar 12, 2016 07:25 AM EST

What Skills Are Healthcare Employers Looking For?

By R S Ali

Every industry requires a specific set of skills and traits. Some skills will be general, like good communication skills and passion, while others will be more tailored to the industry you are in. So what skills does Monster advise you need in the healthcare sector?

The first thing anyone working in the health and/or the care sector needs is a serious amount of commitment to their patients and colleagues. A willingness to go beyond your working hours, beyond your comfort zone and to do more than what is asked or expected of you is something you will definitely need.

Since the stakes in this job are infinitely much higher than that of almost any other job, you will need to stretch yourself to the limit. Be prepared to have your personal life be affected. Make plans in advance. Make sure you do not get caught unawares by the working hours or the stress of this job: it comes with the territory.

If you want to work a job of 8 fixed working hours per day, at the end of which you will want to leave the job at work and go home, think twice before you enter the healthcare industry. This is very unlikely to be the case.

You also need to be great at being part of a team. Being the best and the greatest in the world or even the history of mankind will not help you much or get you very far if you do not have what it takes to be a team player.

A surgeon, for example, needs anesthesiologists, nurses and a whole host of other healthcare professionals to save lives. Your team also makes your life a lot easier, so make sure you take that help.

You will also need to be adept at adjusting to new technology and be willing to increase your knowledge as new techniques and methods are developed.

Another vital skill a healthcare professional needs is crisis management and an above average capability to cope with physical and mental stress of the job. Compassion for your patients and other people, and knowing how the law works are two other important things you will need.

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