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Career Advice from Working Moms Who Make It Work


Being both a career woman and a mom can be daunting. You cannot leave one for the other - you've got a child to feed anyway and have bills to pay.

Some young professionals marvel at how young moms who happen to be career oriented are able to juggle home and work perfectly fine - or so they thought.

It is not perfect, not even close to it; however, to help you along the way, the following are some advices from real moms and professionals.

1. Do work at home; do home at work 

You only have 24 hours in a day. If one could lengthen that period, then they definitely would. However, one just cannot, and so you have to finish you day's to-do list within that certain period of time. How? Try to do work-related things at home and home-related things at work. Meaning to say, make it a point to tick one or two items on your home list while at work and vice versa, like paying your bills during your lunch hour or checking your work e-mail at home.

2/ Juggle strategically

Time management is crucial in this field. However, if you know how to struggle strategically, then you might be able to get several things done at once.

3. Balance career goals with parenting goals

Alanna Strohecker, an engineer and a Progressive Railroading "Rising Star" with a four-year-old and one-year-old at home, said: "Parenting goals are easy: you want to raise well-adjusted individuals who can do well in the world. Career goals that don't interfere with your parenting goals? That is tough. I have a panel of 'important' advisors who I turn to when trying to make a career decision. The sum of their trusted advice helps me decide if a particular career move is going to align with my parenting goals."

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