Mar 21, 2016 07:16 PM EDT

8 Ways To Get Hired, Better Than Online Job Boards

Online job boards make it easy for people to apply for a job but they are the most ineffective job-search tools. Mainly because it takes a only a few clicks for users to apply, and recruiters and employers will get overwhelmed with responses. According to Forbes, there are better ways to go.

If you're looking to get hired, don't be one of the many talented people who can pitch hundreds of applications only to never hear back. There are other venues you can take advantage of. Liz Ryan, the CEO and founder of Human Workplace, suggests the following:

1. Use LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is now a huge part of the job searching world. It acts as your online advertisement where recruiters and employers can easily get to you because of your extensive background. It also works the other way around. You can reach out to hiring managers and let them know you're looking.

2. Friends 

Friends are one of your most powerful search channels because your friends can introduce you to more friends who can build your network. Plus, they're a great source of moral support.

3. Consulting 

Be your own consultant. Create business cards and make it clear to new people you meet that you are a consultant in your own field. Your experience can offer other people the advice they need - especially if it was successful. Take a look at this Forbes Business article for you to learn more about consulting because you need to know how to plan, charge and create a project.

4. Alumni 

Your alumni association can involve you in their career and jobs programs. It's also a great place to create a network.

5. Pain Letters 

A powerful job-search channel every job-seeker can use is the direct approach to hiring managers using Pain Letters and your Human-Voiced Resume.

6. Recruiters 

They are also called headhunters. They can prove to be useful as they will do most of the searching for you. If they find that you are a perfect candidate for a role, they will find that role for you to fill.

7. Networking 

Do not wait until you're actively looking for a job to create a network. Start early. Connect with friends, peers and co-workers. Grab the opportunity to go to networking events and workshops, too.

8. Temp Or Contract Work

You can temp or contract your way into your next job, or you may decide that you like temping and contract work enough to make it your lifestyle. This kind of stunt will grow your resume and at the same time enable you to keep learning. While you're busy with your day job, make time for some extra work.

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