Mar 24, 2016 11:55 AM EDT

When Robots Take Over Our Jobs, Should Everyone Still Get A Paycheck

Worrying about robots taking over our world is nothing new, Smithsonian wrote. After all, some of us did not think that for a second, that supposedly "funny" idea which is influenced by our favourite movies can actually be the scary reality.

Anxiety among people rose last month when the White House released a Council of Economic Advisers report including a scheme that the workers who make less than$20 an hour have an 83% chance of eventually losing their jobs to robots. Those who are earning $40 an hour have more than 30%.

 A Pew Research Center internet survey released last week stated that more than two thirds of Americans believe that within 50 years, most works will be done by robots or computers, but most of them also thought that it won't happen. No matter how things turn out, it is inevitable that the machines are still progressing up to this day.

Universal Basic Income or the UBI is a concept in which each citizen of a country receives a monthly check from the government, no matter how much money you make. Without any conditions to qualify, you also don't have to show you were looking for a job, and would not face any restrictions on how you spent your money. Some people think that it is a bad idea. Critics also say that all the money could possibly be spent in things that aren't that useful. But others counter that if there would be a tech take over that would happen to the market, the society will be in need of a safety blanket. Truthfully, no one knows how people will respond but there is a growing consensus that now is the perfect time to figure it out. Several Dutch cities are already considering UBI experiments for this year. In June, Swiss voters will be tackling the proposal to pay every adult n the country the equivalent of $2,500 a month.

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