Mar 22, 2016 11:40 AM EDT

Apple Launch Of New Products Not As Exciting As Before

Apple is known for making a big splash when it launches a new product. However, the latest product launch of the tech giant doesn't seem to gather much interest from customers nor passion from its organizers.

The California-based company has given invites to analysts and tech reporters to its headquarters at Silicon Valley. Tim Cook, CEO, is expected to introduce some new iPhones and iPads.

But surprisingly, the forthcoming event lacks the hoopla that attended all of the company's previous product launchings. Last year saw a big extravaganza with the introduction of the Apple Watch and the streaming service which is yet to materialize.

A separate report tried to analyze the predicament Apple is in right now. This report has suggested three factors that led to the situation the tech giant is saddled with at the moment.

The first factor is hindsight bias. Initially, the "i" series were innovative when they were first introduced. However, it is foolish to think that the world will be just as excited now as it was then when these products first saw the light.

The second factor is that of the time cycle. Acceptance of new tech innovation takes some time.

The third reason is Apple fatigue. In sports, when a record is broken for the first time, it is really incredible. But subsequent breaking of the record does not carry the same excitement as the first.

The innovations of Apple were impressive at the start since the company was not really well-known at first. But its subsequent product launching suffered the same fate as subsequent sports record breakers.

According to Brian Blau, a Gartner tech analyst, "There's been a lot less noise" surrounding Monday's event in comparison to similar gatherings in the past.

But he also warned against ruling out any surprises. "Apple is such a secretive company. They do keep things under wraps as long as possible," said Blau.

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