Mar 22, 2016 12:39 PM EDT

Apple Announces The New iPhone SE, iPad Pro, Apple Watch, Liam and More!

Apple has showcased its latest developments on Monday, starting from its gadget line, down to technology.

A new and smaller iPhone has been developed with a four inch screen, called the iPhone SE. It has the makings of a modern iPhone but in compact form. Its specs include a 12 megapixel camera. The SE will go on sale on March 24, starting at $399, according to Wired.

With a smaller phone, comese a smaller iPad. Apple has produced a smaller iPad Pro with a 9.7 inch screen. About 25% smaller than the 12.9 inch iPad pro. It includes all the Pro specs, but has the size of an iPad Air. It will go live on March 24 and will start at $599.

If you want to be fashion-forward, Apple has come up with newer watch bands. Your future wrist straps can come in stylish colors. Apple has also created a "Space Black" version with a magnetic clasp, if you want to go futuristic. However, if you don't have a watch to go with the new straps, the Apple Watch has been lowered to $300 - a $50 cut from the original price.

Now, if you want to use technology for health advantages, Apple has also got that covered with a health app. CareKit allows users to share their daily health data with their healthcare providers. Tracking includes medication intake, schedules, exercise routines, etc.

The company has also focused on the environment. CEO Tim Cook wanted to remind all iPhone users that the company has various programs that can refurbish and resell iPhones. This is the company's commitment to renewable energy and recycling materials.

On that same line of thought --- Lastly, Apple has revealed "Liam the Robot." The company introduced an iPhone recycling robot. It extracts metals and other components from discarded iPhones for reuse.

While the company has other software updates as well, Monday's keynotes were focused on the company's commitment to technology and global awareness. Check out this Youtube video and tell us what you think of the latest gadgets and technology, as revealed by Apple.

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