Mar 23, 2016 10:51 AM EDT

U.S. And Cuba On The Verge of Establishing Closer Agriculture Ties

Recent events between the U.S. and the Cuban government are paving the way for stronger ties. It stands out that both nations are currently on the verge of establishing steadfast rapport particularly for its agricultural sector.

According to a post from Southwest Farm Press, "As tensions mounted in a rare joint news conference between President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro in Havana on Monday, U.S. Secretary Tom Vilsack was making headway with Cuba's Minster of Agriculture Gustavo Rodriguez-Rollero."

The same post added that both concerned parties signed an agreement that pledges to bolster the agriculture cooperation and linkages between the two nations. It stands out that despite the underlying tensions involving the nations head of states, both of them, Tom Vilsack and Gustavo Rodriguez-Rollere have agreed to wrestle over their differences and make way for improvement in the two nations agricultural segments.

Even though there are minor setbacks such as the open declarations of both presidents as they voiced out their own opinions, Vilsack and Gustavo Rodriguez-Rollere are not swayed by their differences at all and further committed to the cause of improving agricultural research, the issue pertaining to climate change and lastly the trade issues that have baffled both regions.

Nevertheless, it is a losing battle for two regions. In a former post published by Jobs & Hire, both Castro and Obama aims on improving the lives of the Cuban people and on that note, they do see eye to eye.

The agreement of both the U.S. and Cuba will enforce a new era of growth and development for both regions. The once severed ties between two nations are on its way to restoration. Since both share common problems, working together will surely benefit not only the American people but the Cuban people as well.

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