Mar 24, 2016 12:51 PM EDT

Getting A Job At Metro Atlanta: Job Fair Tips That Will Increase Your Chances

When you have a goal, nothing is going to stop you from getting it. Which is why job fairs are considered to be the best options for finding employment. Job fairs allow candidates to explore. Luckily, if you're in the Metro Atlanta Area, career specialists noted by AJC have listed four job tips that will increase your chances of getting a job there.

These Metro Atlanta career specialists say that you can maximize job fairs just by planning ahead and following through.

  1. Do your research - Choose a specific job fair/industry, research about the companies that will be there. M.J. Murphy, who is a Career Counselor, explains that researching these companies will help narrow your interests. At the same time, you'll develop questions based on the job and company profile. Check the company's official website for available positions and prepare yourself for questions based on the requirements listed for the role. John E. Long, Educational Specialist, says, "Review web content on behavioral interviewing and also prepare your focused elevator speech, your response to the 'tell me about yourself prompt."
  2. Perfect your resume - Your resume is a reflection of your professional self. It details your accomplishments and work history. It's a reference for employers which is why customizing your resume for the specific job role is crucial. According to Long, most people prepare a one-size-fits-all resume that only speaks to the tasks and responsibilities associated with their career roles. "No one wants to read their job descriptions. They should craft an achievements-based resume that presents the strengths, expertise, credentials and accomplishments," he said - thereby communicating the value you may bring for the company if hired.
  3. Look the part - It sounds superficial but looks are important. You need to dress to impress. Wear an ironed shirt. Be in business attire. Steer away from khakis and tennis shoes. Your hair and nails also says a lot about hygiene. Minimize jewelry, make-up and scents. If the job you want does not require you to put on a business suit, it's still better to show up in business attire at the job fair.
  4. Always follow up - Long suggest you leave the job fair with the business card of your interviewer or rep - Especially those from companies you are genuinely interested in. Murphy recommends writing a handwritten note which makes the follow-up more personal: "A handwritten note is often the best choice if you are sure you have a direct contact address for the person you want to reach."

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