Mar 26, 2016 11:04 AM EDT

Google Enhances Gmail Security Features To Prevent State-Sponsored Hacks

Google has recently updated Gmail by adding two security improvements. The online search giant also underscored a proposal to further enhance overall email security. It will also delve on developing security measures to prevent state-sponsored attacks.

For starters, the Mountain View, CA-based company activated its Safe Browsing service for users of Gmail. Although this security feature is already being used for identifying potentially dangerous links in email messages, starting now, users will notice the warnings as they check such links.

As for Safe Browsing, this security feature gives a list of URLs that have phising or malware content to Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers, along with that of Internet Service Providers.

Security conscious users can also access this service through the public API or in a direct manner by using this website: and typing in the URL address of the website they wish to visit to check if it is safe.

In February, Google unveiled a security feature that alerts users about emails that were delivered without encryption. Additionally, the search giant recently confirmed that the number of inbound email coursed through an encrypted connection has multiplied by 25 percent.

The online search company estimates that this security feature will still improve since it is very easy to implement. But the tech giant also warns that malicious elements in the internet are still able to give trouble to email encryption.

According to TechCrunch, a tech website, this is the reason why the search giant has collaborated with Yahoo, Microsoft and Comcast to guarantee that the TLS encryption will be standardized.

The next project Google wants to focus on is the fight against state-sponsored attacks. At present, Gmail flashes a warning to the user when it suspects the presence of a state-sponsored attack.

Although less than 0.1 Gmail users have received such warnings, the company still stresses that these warnings are "critically important" since those who have been attacked were "activists, journalists, and policy-makers taking bold stands around the world."

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