Mar 28, 2016 12:03 PM EDT

How Do You Know You're Stuck In One Place In Your Career?

By R S Ali

Gallup Poll revealed that only 32% of U.S. employees said they were actively engaged in their jobs. But how do you know whether you're just experiencing a lull in your work, or if your career really is stuck bad enough to be called a stagnation? Monster helps you tell the difference.

There is an S curve to help you identify the various stages of your career. The base of the curve is slow growth, where you are mastering new information or skills, which takes time. This stage will make you feel like you are stuck but in reality you may be growing.

But identifying S-curves and applying them to your work is not the easiest thing, so ask yourself these questions. If, out of these five questions, 3 or more of these are a No for you, you know you are completely stuck in the quicksand.

1. Are you motivated to go to work?

Everyone gets bored with work sometimes - it is a reality of life. But you shouldn't be bored all the time, everyday for an extended period of time. You need to be driven to work. Do you look forward to learning new things?

2. Has it been over 4 years since you were last promoted?

If it hasn't come by now, that promotion probably isn't going to come. This is the part where you think long and hard about whether you've come as far as you possibly could - and either make your peace with that answer, or consider a big change.

3. Are you meeting new people at work?

Work, events and meetings shouldn't be the same old routine.

4. Are your performance reviews really good?

Even if you are 'meeting expectations' or ranking as 'satisfactory', getting these as reviews is just not okay for an extended period of time. You should be feeling like you are growing, not stuck at 'fine'.

5. Are you sure you want to stay?

If you spend all day daydreaming about about doing something else, maybe that is what you really should be doing.

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