Mar 28, 2016 12:05 PM EDT

Pokemon GO Leaks on Game Play, Beta Rumors Update, Release Date

Pokemon GO's developer, Niantic recently released the first screenshots of the video game on mobile devices. The video game world has been anticipating this event and this teaser have only served to whet the appetite of gamers.

Many people have wanted to see how this popular video game will look like on smartphones and what one can do in searching for Pokemon in the real world.

The teaser showed that a gamer can capture, train and even use Pokemon to pick a fight. But he has to explore his surroundings, and the world to search for this monster to capture and to train him.

Once he is found, the gamer can capture him easily but only within the world of "Pokemon Go." He only needs to aim his smartphone on the monster's location and then tap the screen to "throw" a Poke Ball coral at the digital creature.

These Poke Balls come in a variety of colors and flavors. Some of the balls are better than others depending on the target. If a gamer's balls are getting fewer, he can replenish his supply at PokeStops.

These are the updated details provided by the Pokemon Company and Niantic among the other information on how landmarks and geographic features affect the different elements of the forthcoming Pokemon Go iOS and Android game.

Like the other Niantic "Ingress," the upcoming game uses the most common travel patterns but it also pushes gamers to find out fresh routes and locations by using the latest app.

Some types of Pokemon, such as the water-type monster, can only be found in areas that are water bound. PokeStops, where players can resupply their ammunition are places such as monuments, museums and various landmarks.

A beta test is starting soon in Pokemon's country of origin, Japan, and the iOS app and Android versions will be released within the year.

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