Mar 29, 2016 12:20 PM EDT

Is Your Job At Risk? Here's How You Can Tell

By R S Ali

Most times you are fired, you don't see it coming: this is just the sad truth of being fired. However, it is not impossible to spot it before it is too late so that you can make backup arrangements - or find a new job if it comes to that. Monster helps you identify some red flags.

How do you know it is time to find a new gig? There are factors in getting fired that are not in your control, but there are some that are. Figure out the reasons, and you can figure out how much control you have over the situation, and most importantly, be prepared.

 1. You get a really bad job review.

While one bad review is definitely not the end of the world, it could also mean that you are on a downward spiral. Is your management unhappy with your performance? Do the signs say there is a clear and realistic way you can improve, or are you going to shown the door soon?

2. You are losing your projects.

It is definitely a red flag when a manager takes away one of your very own projects. It could show that your boss no longer trusts you or your team.

3. You are denied an opportunity of advancement with no explanation.

When you request a promotion or internal transfer and are declined without being given any reason could possible be a bad sign. There's no need for you an employer to advance your career and nurture you when you're going to be gone soon.

4. Your boss goes all vague on you.

If an employer who has always been, if not confiding, at least open with you about situations, suddenly clams up - this could be a bad sign. If they're giving you less work and responsibility, or even if they're looking the other way when you're making mistakes that they should chide you on, you could be in dangerous waters. It could possibly be a sign to cut you loose.

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