Mar 30, 2016 10:56 AM EDT

Homeless Man Asks a Restaurant Owner For Money And Walks Out With A Job

One Minnesota day, a homeless man walks into a Minneapolis cafe. He was begging for money. Like a Cinderella story - without the shoes and the gown - his happy ending earned him a regular paying job.

It's not a rags to riches story but it's definitely going to get him out of those rags. According to ABC News, the owner, Abigail Baires explains that there's a lot of negative activity going on in the area. She talked of drugs and crime. But when a man walked into "Abi's Cafe" asking for money, she decided to offer him food at first. But she told him that "...nothing is given to me for free, just to see what his reaction was going to be. Some people might take that as an offense."

Marcus, the homeless man's name, explained to Abigail that he had a record of felonies and nobody would dare hire someone like him. "To me that's unacceptable."

She decided to take a different train of thought knowing that she was short on help that day. Baires offered Marcus a job as a dishwasher. The conversation was shortened when Marcus accepted her offer. He is now working in the cafe for over two weeks now and Baires shares that he's doing quite well.

The Salvadorean cafe owner explains that a guy like him has a big heart. "When he came in that very first day I asked him if he wanted to eat before he started to do anything and I gave him some food," she said.

"He only ate half of it, then one of his lady friends walked by and he wrapped half of his food and ran to the door and gave the food to her. I said, 'Marcus do you know the lady over there?' and he said 'No, but I know that she is hungry so I gave her my food.'"

Sharing her experience on Facebook earned her more than 127,000 likes. "He has been a blessing for me," Baires said, "I don't see it as me being a blessing to him. I see it as me being blessed, so I can bless him, so he can bless me."

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