Mar 31, 2016 11:23 AM EDT

How To Become A Celebrity Impersonator, The Business Of Being Almost Famous

Have you ever experienced a time when you thought you saw Johnny Depp buying a hotdog from the corner store? You'd look twice and at one point you'd think of running after him and taking a selfie. But the truth is, he's not Johnny Depp but a celebrity impersonator, instead.

Previously, JobsNHire reported on Adele hanging out with other Adeles. They were in the business of going to events as Adele while others just plain look like her. To understand the world of celebrity impersonators, everyone should know that there are different types:

1. Tribute Artists - According to Hubspot, these guys don't necessarily look or sound like the celebrity but they perform in order to honor the celebrity they idolize.

2. Lookalikes - These guys make you look at them twice. They are the spitting image of the celebrity they immortalize. However, they don't always sound or act like them. You'd often see them around Hollywood for photo ops.

3. Celebrity Impersonators - Now, these are the guys that dedicate their whole being to becoming the celebrity. They walk, act, talk and look like that celebrity and are always in character when they're wearing the costume.

These impersonators are in the business of becoming "almost famous." They thrive on events that need their performances. One Obama impersonator even made his own website, in case you're looking for a United States president to say a speech at your wedding.

One Oprah impersonator, named Carol Woodle, was told how much she looked like Oprah Winfrey. She didn't think much of it until she decided to make a living out of it. She flies around the world to impersonate Oprah and inspires fans.

In order to make it in the "almost famous" business, one has to remember that as long as the celebrity is still relatively well-known and the performer still looks like the celebrity, the performer can book plenty of gigs.

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