Mar 31, 2016 10:10 AM EDT

Microsoft HoloLens Making Its Way To Developers

Microsoft's HoloLens
is making its way to developers into the hands of early corporations around the world.

Ever since the official launch of the AR headset in early 2015, Microsoft presented at its best with a series of demonstration to its early developers, where major partners such as NASA explained that the use of mixed reality through self-contained holographic computer can provide data and imagery to the Mars Curiosity Rover that gives it a whole new meaning.

Not long ago, Microsoft seeded its HoloLens Development Editions to a new Mixed and Virtual Reality company called 8Ninths. The corporate tech giant requested them to look for potential clients to acquire and create a proof of concept, where the company was marked to make its financial system as similar as the traders workstations in a VR concept, the company then came across financial giant to help them develop it such as Citi and Innovations Lab based in Tel Aviv.

Adam Sheppard, cofounder and CEO of 8Ninths, explained how they've taken points from the workstation, then applied what they've learnt from Microsoft and NASA to solving problems in 3D by inserting information in 2D and real environments, resulting in the creation of 8Ninths's Holographic Workstation that was introduced at the Microsoft's Build 2016 developer conference on Wednesday.

8ninths' Holographic Workstation is a combination of the real world which contains a desk of a physical day trader carrying a pair of real screens and in the middle is a Surface Pro 4, along with a visual host of financial opened out above the physical desk, which includes a work area similar to a cloud.

8Ninths didn't have to replace the system with financial tool available to Citi, instead they created an integration that allows the workstation to work with it, at the same time they added the experience of gesture, gaze and voice control.

If a trader takes a look through the HoloLens, they would be able to see in a bird's eye view of a physical desk, and the market up top floating with colored balls in a cloud manner.

As Sheppard explained that the system works on spatial organization, which it brings near-term information closer while putting the long-term information in the back of the virtual row. Sheppard believed that the Holographic Workstation could be shipped to industries of all sorts.

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