Apr 02, 2016 08:42 AM EDT

Networking After You've Crossed Fifty

By R S Ali

As someone who has crossed fifty, the rules of networking may not be completely different for you than they are for everyone else, but there is no doubt that some tweaking is required. Monster suggests some tips.

Going to professional meetings and networking events and handing out business cards may not be the thing that does it for your job search. So use your experience - you have it a lot more than most people.

1. Know what you want

The simple truth about having been around longer than other sis that you now know what you want - and don't want, and that is a great place to start. What kind of job or company are you networking for? Let's be straight about this: this is not your time to play the field and figure out what you're good at, or what suits you. You probably already know.

So focus your search. Use the credibility you've got in the industry you've already been working in for years. Use your contacts: you'll have more contacts than younger people.

2. Embrace your age

Be your age as well as act it. Don't hesitate or be reserved when asking for a job, or an internship. After all, you are not just asking for an opportunity, you are offering them your services. And with your experience and hard work, they'd be lucky to have you.

However, remember not to appear too desperate. You want people to recognize your accomplishments and professionalism before they recognize you're job hunting.

Don't be embarrassed to look for a mentor

Look for young people to mentor you. Don't be afraid of asking how the world works in today's day and age. Ask questions, and be bold. If you're competing with the youth, know at least most of what they know. In return, you could even offer them the benefit of your own experience.

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