Apr 01, 2016 11:07 PM EDT

Nintendo NX Controller Design Leaked By Developer?

The Nintendo NX controller design has reportedly been leaked. This came after the latest leak was proven to be untrue.

Last week, the Nintendo NX controller design has supposedly been leaked on Reddit. The photos revealed that only the "upper nubs" of the controller can be moved. The rollers on top are described to feel and appear identical to a mouse scroll-wheel.

The bottom part of the console is static and seems to be similar to a circle pad. However, it "moves along the bottom sphere." It also has haptic feedback that feels the same as Apple's "taptic" engine and has a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom.

A NeoGAF insider has also confirmed that fans will "get more NX info before E3." Apparently, Nintendo has already started working on the console.

Geek reported that an unverified anonymous developer conducted an AMA on Reddit and revealed some information about the Nintendo NX controller design as well as its features. No photos have been leaked, though.

Redditor stimpak_vendor admitted that the Nintendo NX controller design does not have an oval screen but a standard rectangle. It also has physical buttons but no touchscreen with haptic feedback.

The Nintendo NX controller design has scroll wheel shoulder buttons. In addition, it also has two regular shoulder buttons: ZL and ZR as well as a headphone jack in the bottom.

"I don't know if the NX is backwards compatible with the Wii U or 3DS or not, but it doesn't look like it is," the source wrote. "The system is different enough from both that I think it would be hard to play games from other consoles."

"The controller is sort of a game system in its own, but it's not a replacement for the 3DS. It works like a companion app on a phone, and you can take it with you and control some things from your game, like how the VMU on the Dreamcast let you take a Chao with you and train it."

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