Apr 05, 2016 11:37 AM EDT

How Eminem, Meek Mill, 50 Cent Destroyed Rappers Whose Careers Never Recovered After Losing A Battle

Are you a rapper wanting to compete with the big guys? Maybe re-think that for a second and make better career pathing plans before taking on the guys with the big guns.

Ever wondered what happened to Tim Dog after he battled Dr. Dre? Or have you ever thought about where Ja Rule went after mic-ing it out with 50 Cent?

If you don't know the answer that's because they've ruined their own careers. Which is always the case when rappers battle it out in a lyrical competition. So who and where are these guys now? DesignTrend has it that there are 5 rappers who will have difficulty recovering after losing a rap battle.

Here are the rappers who had a major career shift after losing a battle:

1. Lil Flip After Losing To T.I.- Lil Flip was a well known artist on radio and video shows like Rap City but when he decided to take on Tip - he didn't see failure coming his way. Sadly, his little rap squabble lost him his entire career. He is described to be on "radio silence."

2. MC Shan After Losing To KRS-One And Boogie Down Productions - MC Shan's career took a major hit in the 80's and unfortunately, he's known to the rap world for losing that lyrical battle.

3. Black Child After Losing To 50 Cent - Black Child thought he had it big when he hooked up with Ja Rule and released some music. But gunning after 50 Cent wasn't a good idea. He could have steered clear of Fifty. If he had, DesignTrend says his career would have taken off.

4. The Real Roxanne After Losing To Roxanne Shante - It's a Roxanne versus Roxanne battle. The two women hashed it out but it was Shante that took the stage. Sadly, The Real Roxanne hasn't been seen for a real long time.

5. The Source & Benzino After Losing To Eminem - Taking on Eminem means it's going to be epic. Eminem took on the whole gang and won. So what happened to Benzino and the line? The whole magazine flopped. The publication is still around but it has never recovered after Eminem bombed their artist line.

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