May 22, 2013 12:06 PM EDT

College Grads 2013, Can't Find a Job?

The economy is down, and there are not many jobs out there. Accenture found in a study that 41 percent of college graduates are taking jobs that do not require a college degree. Simply put, they are overqualified for the job that they are taking.

Perhaps it will be difficult for them to take jobs of their dreams in this economy. Many students are now flocking to internships and earning low salaries for a short while before they can find that one job they've been looking for.

Sometimes, realistic expectations of the world is the first "experience" college graduates have to learn. Investing their time to gain experience even if the experience is not opportunistic, can still be beneficial to the recent grad in the long run. There are many who become too enticed by their dreams, and pass by job opportunities that could land them in a profitable career.

Here are a few advices that Jobs&Hire would like to offer new graduates:

Get an Internship. When you intern at a company, the company would be more likely to hire you, compared to one who has never interned there. After all, you know the company and they know you.

Temporary employment is better than no employment. Temporary positions can always result in a permanent position. With the economy in the troughs, companies are not as willing to go into a direct hire, but if you are a good temp, your status may turn into a permanent spot once they feel comfortable with hiring you.

Improve yourself. If you're taking a job that is not your first choice, you can always train for your first choice while you are earning money to support yourself. Take a few extra classes at a local university or enroll in an online course. Sure, you may not like to study more after you've graduated, but it's only for you to get to where you want to be. You get to study what you want to learn, not what they are making you learn!

Think of the future. Jobs and careers are totally different things. If you are only thinking of getting a job, and you neglect the prospects of a career, you will find yourself difficult to accept jobs that are a little below your standards.

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