Apr 08, 2016 04:07 AM EDT

Huawei P9 Features And Release Date: Smartphone Is All About Images

On Wednesday, Huawei introduced its latest flagship phone that features a dual-lens camera that Germany's Leica helped develop, hoping to differentiate the P9 on the market from other Android devices.

According to PCMag, Huawei P9 is a flagship device first of its kind. The giant tech explained that they wanted to adapt a smartphone that focuses on the capability of photography, seemingly they wanted to partner with a company that best qualifies in the production of the device.

Chief executive of Huawei Consumer Business Group Richard Yu said, "Leica is the leading, premium iconic brand in cameras."

According to The Verge, the camera holds a dual-lens 12 megapixel camera at the back end of the device that captures black & white and colored images individually. And synthesize them to make them become more detailed and accurate brighter colors, which a single lens camera doesn't carry.

Leica explained that the collaborative effort of both companies working together in creating the lenses and the technology of processing images has gone way beyond in just branding. Leica's Chief Executive Oliver Kaltner said, "A lot of people would like to have our red dot and put it on their product. This is not what we are, we are the center of optical excellence worldwide, and we should take advantage of that knowledge."

The Chinese smartphone makers assured that the P9 will help gain its momentum on the market while keeping up with other tech leaders such as Samsung and Apple. In return the Chinese company became the first to ship more than 100 million smartphones at a record jump in devices by 44% to 108 million last year.

Richard Yu said, "We have the chance to be number two within two to three years, with market share of over 20%. We have the chance to be number one in less than five years."

The Huawei P9 will be released on Apr. 16 in 29 countries priced at $684.

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