Apr 07, 2016 05:38 AM EDT

Get A Free Education In The Ivy Leagues And Boost Your Career

By Jane Reed

It used to be that you have to enroll in an ivy-league college or university like Harvard or Yale to get a guaranteed future. Now, in recent years, these colleges have been shelling out free and open online classes. These have become the new and accessible mode of education for many. According to CNBC, these courses are starting to gain traction in the job market.

But how will this boost your career? Completing a massive open online course (MOOC) or certificate shows an employer that a job candidate is motivated and curious. This curiosity can set them apart from other competing applicants - but it won't necessarily land you a job. According to Dan Schawbel, a millenial expert, "It's still new, so it's not 100 percent respected by executives who are used to hiring people with similar education backgrounds, who went through the traditional route. But we're early on. More and more companies are looking outside of traditional degrees for talent."

In the world of the Gig Economy, students and recruiters both agree that it's all about how you show what you've learned. Millenials are changing jobs twice than the average worker, according to a Forbes report. Millenials thrive on meaning, purpose and growth. Which is why the passion of learning continues and coincides with the need for accessible education. Getting an Ivy league education is a plus.

"Brick-and-mortar schools don't necessarily change as fast as what I can get at Coursera, (online courses)" said Daun Davids, a programmer with a master's degree in computational science and robotics, a 52-year-old programmer with more than 20 years of experience.

Coursera has amassed 52,000 students already with 33% looking to advance their career in the hope of gaining job security and tenure, as stated in a recent Coursera survey. Online certifications can also refresh workers. Many companies are now looking to use online courses as a platform for job growth and employee development.

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