Apr 07, 2016 06:21 AM EDT

Domino’s - Order a Pizza by Launching an App – No Clicking Required

If you're lazy to even tap the buttons on your mobile to order a pizza, Domino's has the right thing for you. The famous pizza delivery company has created a mobile app which lets you place an order just by launching the app on your mobile. You don't have to click on anything.

Domino's is not stopping in its desire to provide its customers the newest and oftentimes gimmicky ways in ordering pizza easier and faster. The company calls its new gimmick "Zero Click" ordering.

At present the pizza delivery chain has already launched several digital experiments including its "tweet to order" system which uses Twitter, and an ordering system where a customer just talks to his connected speaker, specifically the Amazon Echo.

In the "Zero Click" system, there is nothing that you need to input but just a sign up during the first time you use the app.

Although Domino's pizzas are not really the greatest, they are really good at delivering them and thus taking your money away.

This company is good at helping you make that decision of which type of pizza to order, and at any time during the day, or night. The ordering process is oftentimes one of the most difficult parts of the process.

Therefore, Domino's has given you a lot of options. If you're used at tweeting, you can use Twitter. Or do you like to voice out your order? There's the Amazon Echo. Or if you're in a Ford car, just use your Ford Sync system. At home you have a smart TV to place your Domino's pizza order. Have a smart watch?  Why not use it as well?

As you can see, nearly every base has been covered by this aggressively vigorous pizza delivery chain.

With its new "Zero Click," just open up the app on your mobile, wait for up to 10 seconds, and a piping hot pizza will be waiting at your door.

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