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Dating Tips: How To Date A Career Woman

By Jane Reed

Women can be quite intimidating on their own but a career woman is a different breed. And dating a career woman requires a huge investment in time and patience if you're a man looking to date one.

The life of a career woman can be confusing for men and dating them means you are mature enough to date one. Luckily, EliteDaily has found 6 dating tips that can teach you how to date a career woman.

1. She doesn't care what you do for a living

Just because she's successful that doesn't mean she expects you to be one as well. This isn't a job interview. She just wants to date YOU.

2. Stop feeling emasculated

The role of the man being the bread-winner is gone. If her paycheque rubs your ego the wrong way then you have deeper issues. Forget about her paycheque and just get to know each other.

3. Her job isn't cute

A career woman's job is intense and there's nothing "cute" about it. Her pride is not cute so do not define her accomplishments as adorable. She worked hard for it and you should be proud.

4. When she says she "can't even," she really can't even

Did your date get rescheduled because of a last minute agenda? It's not that you aren't important to her. It's just that sometimes, work really does have to come first. Who wouldn't rather be out grabbing dinner and watching a movie with her man, instead of writing that last-minute briefing for the next day and drinking six cups of coffee at 3 am? This will clear off soon, just be patient.

5. Have your own life

You need to get out there because work is crazy for her. She doesn't need to always be with you which means she may need a night out with girls and get some drinks. But that doesn't mean you're not important to her. So be comfortable in your own skin and have a life.

6. Relationships are partnerships

She might drive you crazy with her melt-downs and stress but if you stand by her and lift her up when needed, she will do the same for you.

And if that doesn't help, check out this JobsNHire article, if you want to try a five-minute stress relief for you AND her.

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