Apr 08, 2016 09:08 AM EDT

5 Job Search Hacks Every Job Seeker Should Know

Finding the right job opportunities- and standing out in a competitive market- is tough. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools and hacks out there that are built to help you find your dream job, more quickly and easily than ever.

1. Maintain a Job Search Log

Once you start applying for jobs, it's useful to keep track of the information you collect in one place. JibberJobber is an app that helps you do that, allowing you to write down important details about your job search including the name of the companies that you apply to as well as the positions that you showed interest in

2. Use LinkedIn Resume Builder

Employers can easily reach out to you when you have a LinkedIn profile and present what you have to offer to them right there on that very page. Becoming a LinkedIn member doesn't only help you retain your online presence but also improves your networking efforts and helps you stay relevant.

3.. Create a Twitter Job Search List to Track Job Listings From Thousands of Sources

Every day, recruiters are tweeting jobs they need to interview candidates for making Twitter a seriously untapped resource for job seekers. To make sure you're in the know about these leads, create a Twitter job search list that includes recruiters, hiring managers, company hiring handles, and job search websites. Then, review their tweets daily for potential opportunities.

4. Use Insightly to Manage and Organize Business Cards You Collect

Insightly is a free CRM system that helps you manage your key contacts and relationships and it's a great tool for your job search. After you meet someone, put his or her contact information in this system, and write down important information you learned from your conversation. Then, create a reminder in the system to follow up on a certain date in the future.

5. Increase Your Reputation

Create a portfolio, share your work on social media, and promote yourself as much as possible. This is the only skill you will ever need to get a job that you deserve and matches your qualifications. Why? Because Social Mention is an excellent tool that helps you monitor your social reputation and tracks what people are saying about you on social media.

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