Apr 08, 2016 03:58 AM EDT

2016 US Presidential Elections: Millenials Are at Stake

This year's US Presidential Elections is said to be the first election where millennials are able to cast their votes. The millennials compose most of the voting population in the USA; therefore, it is important that they vote wisely. However, the millennials are not actually given the best choices for a president for this elections. Each of the presidentiable has their own issues. Choosing for the best is a hard feat.

For instance, Donald Trump, who has become the favorite for headlines and memes, seems to have something to say about also every issue, such as women rights, abortions, Muslims, and terrorism. He has also been heard letting go of sexist and derogatory comments and has cause a stir when he said that he will build a wall between the Mexican-American borders to break illegal immigration.

Unfortunately, these actions have not stopped Trump from being a Republican primary front runner.

Then there's Hillary Clinton and her email scandal.

This candidate is currently part of Forbes's list of most powerful women. Unfortunately, that email scandal could possible result to criminal charges. Another issue is his decision to stand by her husband's side even after Bill Clinton was reported to have extra marital affair with Monica Lewinski. This does not play well for women.

Finally, Bernie Sanders' views seem to be "too good to be true to the capitalistic democratic millennials," according to Affairs Today.  A lot of the voting population believe that Sanders is "disregarding important issues such as inflation as a result of the $15 minimum wage and that his policies, although seem to be ideal, do not fit with the standards and conditions of the United States."

Whoever wins the election will be the one to lead the future of millennials. It is their future that is at stake, and the next president holds the key to making or breaking it. That is why choosing the best is crucial for the future of this generation. 

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