Apr 08, 2016 09:06 AM EDT

Apple’s Steve Jobs Career Lesson Is Commanding Respect In Workplace

For Steve Jobs, climbing up the ladder of corporate success was not easily attained. However, for him, one of the career lessons he learned is to command respect in the workplace.

A previous article published by Mail Online revealed that Steve Jobs was a genius that shaped the technological world with his innovations and dreams. For New York-based photographer Doug Menuez, Steve Jobs was a man that utilized his talents and integrated his leadership skills to command respect in the workplace.

Jobs have always been known for his witty ways and for his unprecedented success in pushing Apple to the highest heights and top most pedestal. The report added on to note that Menuez spent time with the Jobs from 1986 to 1988, photographing him when he returned to Apple.

During his two years with Steve Jobs, Menuez not only captured Job's struggles and success, he also discovered the trick to winning an argument against the Apple CEO, according to the same post.

Indeed, the success that Steve Jobs attained was not an easy one. He experienced by fired out by the very same company that he co-founded. After more than a decade, he returned to Apple and commanded respect in the workplace. In line with that, Steve Jobs propelled Apple to reach new heights, releasing technological products that have shaped communications and technology in a different way, as reported by Jobs & Hire.

Respect is not bought but it is earned and it is something that Steve Jobs have shown. Although Steve Jobs got a pink slip and was fired from the very company that he co-created, he rebounded back and gained more than what he lost, and that is something that all job seekers and workers should aspire for, as cited by the same post.

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